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Our Menus

At Clarendon Nursery, each nursery setting has in-depth understanding of nutrition, food hygiene, and menu planning. We devise varied menu plans each season reflecting diverse cultures to broaden our children’s experience of the wider world.
No matter what your child’s dietary requirements, we’ll make sure they are eating delicious, healthy meals.  Fresh fruit is provided every day. We promote a healthy relationship with food and ensure every mealtime is a social experience in which together.

Menus and Nutrition: About Us

During meal times, we create a relaxed, homely environment, using tablecloths and center pieces.  We sit with the children and encourage them to be inquisitive about food and healthy eating.  All of our food processes are fully risk assessed – if your child has a food allergy or intolerance, we will cater for them safely.

Our settings take trips to the local shops to buy fresh produce to bring back to nursery and create something delicious to eat.

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Menus and Nutrition: About

Our Menus

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Autumn and Winter 

This Menu is food that is provided at our Garston Setting.

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Spring and Summer

This Menu is food that is provided at our Garston Setting

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Packed Lunch Ideas

Ideas to support and promote a healthy balanced meal for your child at our Dingle setting or if you would like your child at Garston to have instead of our menu

Menus and Nutrition: Files
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